Disruptive cyclone-based technology


About us

The CYCLOMB consortium consist of a close-to-market engineering company, two industrial manufacturers and experts in emission abatement and biomass combustion. Our project combines expertise in the biomass combustion and the emission abatement insdustry. We are well established and have altogether an accumulated experience  of over 70 years. The multidisciplinary approach of the consortium guarantees a comprehensive solution to the heating sector needs integrating the numerous and diverse requirements of a fas growing industry.


SOLARBOX was born in 2006 with the aim of filling a lack of knowledge on the Renewable Energy market in northern Spain. At that time, we offered our know-how and technology transfer regarding RE systems, mainly focused on collaborations and technical support for installing and maintenance companies. After consolidating the company as a reference for Engineering of RE systems, we set up a manufacturing unit for the development of special components required in the installation of the technology we designed.

Thanks to a continuous training and R + D we have pioneering projects in Spain and patents in the OEPM (Spanish office of patents and brand). Our services include:

  • Tecnical Department: planning, design, and prototyping on mechanics, fluids, hydraulics, etc.Water life cycle, carbon footprint reports and general energy audits and related tasks.
  • Production Department: large solar PV and Thermo plants, complete solutions for industrial biomass plants ranging from 200 kW up to MW class including silos, solids transportation, fluid circuits, etc.


TAMA is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of products for air filtration and purification from dust, fumes and gases derived from stages of industrial processes, counting with geographic presence in Italy, Spain, France and Brazil. In operation since 1990, Tama offers treatmen systems for emission that are effective in performance and minimize the enviromental impacts, with the intent to ensure full offering include emissions control applications for the following sectors:

Food-Tobacco, Enviroment-Recycling waste, Biomass, chemical-pharmaceutical, construction, wood, metalworking, sandblasting, welding, sheet metal cutting and powder coating.


KSM is a biomass boiler manufacturing company founded in 1994, offering more than 20 years of experience in stoker design and engineering. KSM produces boilers in many different models and sizes , and for almost all fuels always prepared to produce the exact stoker for cusomers needs. All KSM boilers are designed to have a very long lifetime and minimum maintenance. The product portfolio includes:

Power ranges 12-95 kW heating from 100 to 150 m2, Multistokers SX power ranges 145-360 kW full loading efficiency of 92-95% accepting most types of biofuels and require little maintenance and Multistoker XXL power ranges 500-990 kW full loading efficiency of 90%.


redeNERGY is a biomass focused research network formed by four different research groups of the University of Vigo in Spain. RedeNERGY carries out research and development activities in the fields of engineering, energy, and energetic efficiency, using a transversal approach over all these areas. Each of the four research groups forming redeNergy is specialised in a different area of biomass as a renewable energy source:

GTE (Energy Technology Group) focuses on thermal engines, energy technology and biomass combustion; ENCOMAT group studies corrosion phenomena and their prevention; IA focuses on Forest Agricultural Engineering; GEOTECH is the applied Geotechnologies research group.